Hello People…..

I am a new kid in the blogging block. Although blogging has become a most common phenomenon, but there is a certain amount of uniqueness that sets aside each and every blogger around the world. Not too long ago, blogging for me, was some kind of difficult task and I always believed that only renowned people in the world can blog or perhaps it requires certain level of explicit qualification to start off. I know, it is as stupid as it can get, but I am finally here, all prepared to contribute and explore some wonderful thoughts. This is going to be my first official blog which is not more than an introduction, but I am very excited to roll things up quickly and maintain my presence here. I must tell you that I really had some hard time selecting my website address (setthingsaside.wordpress.com) as most of the titles were already taken. Well, this suggests that there are so many like-minded personalities around the world, it would really be great fun to explore thoughts here. The title; “setthingsaside”, is because I would literally set things aside when I begin to write here so that nothing can disturb me to express and contribute here. My topics are going to be very simple that covers various facets of our day-to-day life and living. The reason I choose to blog about such topics because I believe, we, as a human being, have a tendency to ignore and miss simple things in life which most of the time sum up to become chronic and complex to deal with. I hope to deliver with best of my ability and I would love to have your views/suggestions/feedback as we move along. Ultimately, I would like to thank word-press for such a platform and an opportunity to express.

So, see you all again