Wreck your brain, I just did mine……(Just for fun)

funnyWell, this is going to be the most offbeat post, perhaps I never intended to do. Somehow this seemed to be waiting for a very long time. Yes, you guessed it right, I am trying to be spontaneous. “He is a joke”, I just heard you, and I want me to be perceived this way, but mind you, only for this post. Who knows, I may ever write it again and still try to limit you guys to its extent. Never mind, I would not bother about that right now. Let us begin, just in case if you have not closed on me yet, but before that let me warn you, things that you are going to read further will have utter bullshit and nonsense stuff. I promise you, you would regret it the most, it is perhaps one of the stupid technique I may have used on this platform. Still not convinced, want to read anymore, that’s completely your choice now. Let me quickly place a disclaimer on this blog, probably somewhere in the mid of the sentences, no, no, absolutely no, told you I am really messing here and tarnishing my image here, where should I place it, yes right, once I finish writing. Sorry Disclaimer, you will have to wait for your turn, no.. no… don’t  cry, it’s all fine. See, I don’t like kids who don’t listen to me and act dirty. What did you say, Am I dirty? think twice before you call me, huh….phew, I am back, just had disclaimer claiming, Have I turned you off. Oh Gosh! I knew this was coming, Little Shark has jumped out of the tank to say hi, Well, being a sober gentleman I did say hello, but that was it, Now I see myself in its stomach and could literally feel its ribs tickling my back. Goodness Gracious, Little Shark has just eaten me, bloody hell, lucky my laptop had a tiny cutter. Now I can slit the skin open and I will be free. Alas! I am free, what a wonderful feeling, I never hoped to see myself back out here. What next? you still there, yes, I see you. Don’t worry I am as brave as my uncle’s turtle. I just did it with so ease, butter on bread huh… Why am I naked, bloody hell, I see my clothes hanging on dead shark’s tooth, that’s a quite pointed one..too easy, I just got it  back, you still there, close your eyes, you should not have seen me like this on the first place. Never mind, I require just little over a minute to get dressed. This is my Happy Birthday suit. (Have Fun)