Friends, who are brothers

I met my friends over a glass of beer….hmmm… whisky…. huh…wait a min…. over few glasses of drinks sounds perfect. This is how my thought process waved yesterday figuring out the route to reach back home. It is one of those days that I pursue as if it is not going to come again. And yesterday was no exception. It was due for a long time, I would say for at least 5 months, we did not see each other. By the way, I am talking about my friends before any of you mis-figure it to someone else. They are very modest and god fearing personalities. They are identical yet unique, They are two, and they are twins, my best buddies. They lived in the same town earlier and meeting them was not a challenge, We never required any planning, Any of us would drop in each other’s house and we were on, only listing towards crazy things. Although I must admit that I was the most frequent visitor, sometimes unwanted. Ever since they moved things have changed and distance has gained it’s relative importance. All these years our friendship has strengthened and never did it fall prey to constantly changing situations around us.

So guys meet Jim and Ben, Jim is the elder one, the first one to step into this world followed by Ben. As they are twins, one would find a lot of commonalities between them behavior-wise, apart from the extreme similarities that they have for looks. For an outsider, Jim would appear to be shy, serious sometimes and “I have no time to waste” types, but in reality he is a funny bone especially after few drinks. One must have patience and spend some time to know him first and then it would be a real treat. He also happens to be the first guy that I met on the very first of college and since then, here we are today. On the other hand, Ben is a bit outgoing and expressive personality which makes him a bit of risk-taker too. They love watching movies, read sometimes, are spiritual, choosy when it comes to their attire and are a good team where I found my place. Most importantly they are good souls with a big heart, living gracefully with no intention of harming anybody and face life the way it is. It has been awesome 18yrs with them and I wish to continue many more such years. Even in difficulties today, we have managed to stay in touch and each time we meet, it creates a unique experience only making us eager to meet again.

I love talking about them but choose to leave some aspects for later. Until I see them again……..  

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