Time to read a book…..

I-love-booksHello everyone,… I hope you all had a wonderful day and really hope you all have got things done perhaps the way you wanted today. To start off, it wasn’t the best day for me courtesy my health issues. When I woke up this morning feeling extremely feverish and felt completely immobile. I quickly messaged my boss for my unexpected absence at work; well you cannot plan a day off due to health issues, but guess some people are good doing that. Seldom health related issues make me very impulse because I hate doing nothing and just lying on the bed. With God’s grace and the way my Mom has taken care of me since birth, I don’t fall sick every now and then.

First thing first, I quickly saw my doctor hoping to get some miraculous tab to get over this adversity. As usual, for my wellness, Doctor advised me to take some rest.  Now I was left with an entire day to go and absolutely no activity planned. Oh God! This was getting painful than the fever I had. Later on my wife’s strict directives I was forced to stock on the couch like a potato sack, perfect couch potato act for me, and absolutely no access to my laptop or a phone to fiddle with, an order I could not even think of disobeying, after-all it was coming from the President of my house and I love her for that. However I fought for my rights to watch news updates on TV for some time, but that was turned down with no sign of remorse. For a moment, I felt being unwell is a punishment same as that of the con man.

Later I was delighted, as she could not turn down my request to read, a book, absolute source of unlimited treasure which runs for a lifetime. Then I realized how foolish of me that was to place my plea to watch that idiot box over a book. While I was capturing all these moments, I could recall the first book that I had read, I vividly remember that moment when I started reading (other than school or college books) and I deeply thank my same friends mentioned in my earlier post who introduced and motivated me to take up reading. When I look back today perhaps 15 yrs or so, I feel, what if every single one on this planet picked up reading at least in their leisure, this world would have had been a different place altogether to what it is today.

No matter what kind of reader you are, fiction or non-fiction, you get better and better.  I must admit that this is one habit I have no regrets getting addicted to. Personally I love fiction and I am a big fan of authors like Jeffrey Archer, Dan Brown and Paulo Coelho. I started off with Paulo Coelho and my first book was The Alchemist, absolute master stroke, followed by the books like ‘Eleven Minutes’. I also loved Dan Brown’s masterpiece ‘The Da Vinci Code’ which later turned into a movie starring ‘Tom Hanks’, ‘Deception point’  and Angel & Demons, few more to name. Off-lately may be since last 5-6 yrs I found myself tilting towards Jeffrey Archer, I remember my colleague had introduced me to him, not literally, but she had a huge collection of his books such as Kane & Abel, False Impression, A Prisoner of Birth etc. In case if you have not read it so far I would suggest grabbing one to read and sharing your experiences here in the comments. For any beginner, I would suggest starting with Jeffrey Archer’s book, his articulation is simple yet effective and will keep you glued all the way through. Most of time when you try to develop this habit and you don’t pick up a right book, which does not fit your appetite as a beginner, you tend to lose interest and that has had happened to me as well, but somehow I had the company of my friends to bring me back into it . Currently, I am reading Clifton Chronicles and have each and every copy of this series all thanks to Amazon for making it available on your doorstep. For more options, you may want to read some e-books such as Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, The Holy Bible To Be Fact (my friends favorite), Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln.

Today I feel, as a reader, I am not as voracious as I was when I had started. Ever since I left college, like many, my focus was more towards the career and job I got into, and later this got extended to my family post marriage. Nonetheless, I still feel lucky to keep this addiction alive today. I read during my commute or when I have some free time over a cup of coffee. How do I do that? Simple, all thanks to Amazon and Kindle, for keeping the supplies on, as and when I need it.

I would love to see your feedback, views, and suggestions coming which help me to achieve my objective as stated at my introduction. The one you see above is ‘as is’ articulation of what happened yesterday.

P.S.: By the way I could get hands on my laptop yesterday evening, but was too late to publish it courtesy my wife’s early realization.


Friends, who are brothers

I met my friends over a glass of beer….hmmm… whisky…. huh…wait a min…. over few glasses of drinks sounds perfect. This is how my thought process waved yesterday figuring out the route to reach back home. It is one of those days that I pursue as if it is not going to come again. And yesterday was no exception. It was due for a long time, I would say for at least 5 months, we did not see each other. By the way, I am talking about my friends before any of you mis-figure it to someone else. They are very modest and god fearing personalities. They are identical yet unique, They are two, and they are twins, my best buddies. They lived in the same town earlier and meeting them was not a challenge, We never required any planning, Any of us would drop in each other’s house and we were on, only listing towards crazy things. Although I must admit that I was the most frequent visitor, sometimes unwanted. Ever since they moved things have changed and distance has gained it’s relative importance. All these years our friendship has strengthened and never did it fall prey to constantly changing situations around us.

So guys meet Jim and Ben, Jim is the elder one, the first one to step into this world followed by Ben. As they are twins, one would find a lot of commonalities between them behavior-wise, apart from the extreme similarities that they have for looks. For an outsider, Jim would appear to be shy, serious sometimes and “I have no time to waste” types, but in reality he is a funny bone especially after few drinks. One must have patience and spend some time to know him first and then it would be a real treat. He also happens to be the first guy that I met on the very first of college and since then, here we are today. On the other hand, Ben is a bit outgoing and expressive personality which makes him a bit of risk-taker too. They love watching movies, read sometimes, are spiritual, choosy when it comes to their attire and are a good team where I found my place. Most importantly they are good souls with a big heart, living gracefully with no intention of harming anybody and face life the way it is. It has been awesome 18yrs with them and I wish to continue many more such years. Even in difficulties today, we have managed to stay in touch and each time we meet, it creates a unique experience only making us eager to meet again.

I love talking about them but choose to leave some aspects for later. Until I see them again……..  

Readers, please feel free to reply, leave a comment. Your views/suggestions will make my blogging better as I progress.

Hello People…..

I am a new kid in the blogging block. Although blogging has become a most common phenomenon, but there is a certain amount of uniqueness that sets aside each and every blogger around the world. Not too long ago, blogging for me, was some kind of difficult task and I always believed that only renowned people in the world can blog or perhaps it requires certain level of explicit qualification to start off. I know, it is as stupid as it can get, but I am finally here, all prepared to contribute and explore some wonderful thoughts. This is going to be my first official blog which is not more than an introduction, but I am very excited to roll things up quickly and maintain my presence here. I must tell you that I really had some hard time selecting my website address (setthingsaside.wordpress.com) as most of the titles were already taken. Well, this suggests that there are so many like-minded personalities around the world, it would really be great fun to explore thoughts here. The title; “setthingsaside”, is because I would literally set things aside when I begin to write here so that nothing can disturb me to express and contribute here. My topics are going to be very simple that covers various facets of our day-to-day life and living. The reason I choose to blog about such topics because I believe, we, as a human being, have a tendency to ignore and miss simple things in life which most of the time sum up to become chronic and complex to deal with. I hope to deliver with best of my ability and I would love to have your views/suggestions/feedback as we move along. Ultimately, I would like to thank word-press for such a platform and an opportunity to express.

So, see you all again